vitam® is secureprofessionalintegrable videoconferencing

Simple and Usable Interfaces

The user’s interface is extremely simplified to facilitate at most the use of technology by non-experts.

Multiplatform and Multidevice

It is multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and multidevice (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Easy integration

It can be easily integrated in or with other applications through an API, as well as connect with external services (e.g. electronic health record, calendar).

Multi-party videoconferencing

It offers 1 to 1 videoconferencing and multivideoconferencing in a single and unified interface.

Privacy and Data Protection

It ensures privacy protection by providing communications and data protection and enables its deployment on certified medical data management servers.

eHealth and Customer service

It implements two innovative operation modes not available in the market: the online consultation with waiting room and the videoconferencing call centre (coming soon)